My mom is my source of inspiration and my role model. I am so thankful to have someone like my mom to encourage me and to give me advice. There is no way to write this that is not sappy, so here it goes.

My mom has led me through some dark times in our lives. I was bullied through middle school and my mom always uplifted me and gave me good advice to push on. She became my best friend who was there for me in any situation. We started travelling a lot and going on trips together. The more time I spent with her, the more she inspired me.

She is a very selfless woman who spends her time helping people. No matter if we were in Europe or in our small town of Americus, she taught me to help people. Whether we found someone’s phone on the street or saw someone in need, we always try to meet the need. It is my hope that I can teach my children to love like my mom does.

I feel like my mom taught me to be kind. I hope the kindness she showed me is shown in my life so that others will want to be the same way. She is very selfless and tries to put others first. If we all started putting others first, the world would be a different place. I hope that I inspire some to love like my mom does and that tradition will carry on and on.


I absolutely love to travel. Whether it’s my birthday or Christmas, I always ask for trips as gifts instead of material things. Getting fun experiences is worth more than material things to me.

With that said, I’ve been to Spain, France, Italy, England, Scotland, and Monaco. I would love to travel to more places in Europe like Germany, Switzerland, Ireland, Hungary, Amsterdam, and more! My mom has always been my travel buddy. We go everywhere together so I would love to go on more trips with her. Although, my fiancé has never travelled anywhere in Europe so I would love to take him to experience those places with me too.

I looked at the list of things that every traveler wishes they had and honestly, those seem pretty pointless. With the exception of the power converter and a ticket to anywhere, I could do without! Once again, I am a very practical person so those things don’t seem very useful. Sure, some of them are cool to keep up with memories but I rather put that money towards my next plane ticket.

I would add very practical things to the list like an external power source phone charger. You never know where you will be when your phone runs out of power so that will help you keep going. I also would add the perfect cardigan or jacket. I’ve learned that when you travel on trains and more, you may always need a light jacket to keep you warm. These are definitely two of my essentials.


A Recreated Dinner Party

As soon as I saw the prompt for the dinner party, a very special “dinner party” came to mind. I thought about the Last Supper. A few years ago, I participated in an event called a Cedar Meal. There was a table set up with 13 chairs and food on the table. The food represented the meal that Jesus and his 12 disciples would’ve shared. There was a cup of wine spilled to represent Judas’ betrayal and some other things representing each disciple.

After that meal, I have always wanted to truly attend the Last Supper. When reading this prompt, I immediately thought that I would fill the table with 9 of Jesus’ disciples and myself. I would choose Peter, John, Thomas, James, Andrew, Philip, Matthew, Jude, and finally Judas. Just saying, I left out 3 of the disciples that I am least interested in, not because I don’t like them but because I can only pick 9.

I would have this meal in an old loft type space and recreate the Last Supper that they once shared with Jesus.We would also share the same meal of bread and wine that was shared at the original dinner. As a disciple myself, I would want to hear more about their hardships but also their experiences with Jesus. I think it would be amazing to talk to the people that dedicated their lives to walking beside Jesus but also continuing the ministry after He was gone. I included Judas just because I would want to hear his regrets, if any, and what his thoughts were. This meal would be so encouraging and enlightening and I truly wish it could be a reality.

A Unique Dream Job

My career dream job is a lot different than most, very different. I aspire to be involved with motorsports ministry. Now that may sound strange at first, but let me explain.

My parents own and operate a professional drag racing team. I went to my first race at 6 weeks old and have been going ever since. I may know this field better than people older than me. I have lived and breathed drag racing for my entire life! Through that, I have been involved in an organization called Racer’s for Christ. We do a Vacation Bible School with racer’s children all weekend, as well as pray with the drivers, and hold a church service on race day!

I have always had a passion for ministry, too! I currently intern at Connection Church and manage eight of our social media accounts. This has given me wonderful experience into the PR field. I write all of our content and manage events and schedules. Between going to races and interning, it finally hit me one day. Why can’t I do both?! Motorsports ministry is the perfect marriage of my passion for racing and for the Church. I would absolutely love to do all event management and social media relations for a ministry that involves racing, like Racers for Christ.

Now, what makes me stand out? My Public Relations major and minor in Religious Studies will help me to have the unique combination necessary for this job! I also have a long background in racing and in church. I’m hoping this combination, as well as all of the people I know, will help me to acquire this very unique dream job!

Final Thoughts

This semester was great overall and went by incredibly fast. I really enjoyed this class from beginning to end. The lectures were very interesting, the guest speakers were informative, and the assignments were applicable. The “high” part of the semester was our RACE project but it was also the “low” of the semester. I really enjoyed my group and meeting with them to discuss ideas to get a feel for a campaign. But, it was very frustrating when we didn’t get the grade we thought because of careless mistakes but I think we all learned a lot from it. Also, I actually enjoyed writing a weekly blog and that surprised me.

If I could change anything it would be more emphasis on the RACE project. Maybe more in class discussion and examples. I love the idea of campaigns and I learned so much about PR from it. I know there is a specific class for campaigns but this would be great for an intro class. This project also convinced me to change my major to Public Relations.

I will take my new found love for PR into the following semesters. Hearing from all of the guest speakers and lectures has made me really appreciate this profession. I can’t wait to take more classes and learn even more. I learned the most and enjoyed Alicia Deal and Ashly Ennis speaking to the class. I am sure this is biased because I want to work in motorsports. Seeing their side of PR, in the public’s eye, taught me a lot.

All in all, this class was so much fun and so informative. I’m very thankful for all I learned.

Giving Thanks

I am so blessed to have everything that I have. I try to remember that constantly throughout the year. But for now, here are some specific things (in no particular order) I’m thankful for to celebrate Thanksgiving.

  1. My loving and supportive parents- They have shown me love and supported me thorough everything. I know I always have them to call on. They always provided more than necessary for my happiness.
  2. My church- I have felt so much love and found a home here. I have a found family and community of friends and fellow believers that encourage me constantly.
  3. My job- I intern at my church and I look forward to it everyday. I want to do this kind of work for the rest of my life and it is encouraging to get experience in it now.
  4. My roommate, Mallory- She always goes out of her way to be a great “roomie.” Not only is she a good roommate, but a great friend too.
  5. My friend, Katie- She always listens to my struggles and encourages me through them. Her selflessness encourages me to love people more.
  6. My high school- I learned so much more from my tiny private school than I ever thought I had and it has helped me so much in college. The knowledge I gained there can be applied to a lot of my classes today.
  7. My college- I love my classes, campus, and professors. It makes going to college classes way more enjoyable. Plus, I love my major and the classes in it.
  8. My grandparents- They have provided a lot for me that otherwise wouldn’t have been possible. They are the cutest 86 year old couple who show me commitment and love.
  9. My boyfriend, Tyler- He is always there to encourage me and cheer me up. Not to get sappy but, life with him is just more fun.
  10. All of the non-essential things I own- This week at my church we did a gift tag tree and it was heartbreaking to see what children wanted for Christmas so it made me appreciate all I have even more.

I have all of these things and so much more to be thankful for. I’m blessed beyond what I deserve. Now, to go enjoy some turkey.


College homecoming is an interesting topic for me. I loved homecoming in high school because we had the dress up days, the pep rallies, and the dance after the game. In college, it just seems like a normal week and normal game for someone like me who isn’t as involved in on campus activities.

I am not in a sorority so I feel like I don’t have any big events for homecoming. The best part about it is the greek life members handing out free things in exchange for a vote for their candidate. I really didn’t even know about the parade or any events coming up. Last year, as a freshman, I think I knew more about it because I lived on campus but now, I feel so “out of the loop.”

Probably the only event I’ll attend is the football game itself. I love Georgia Southern football games and I hope to keep going to them after graduation. I’ve always been a sucker for school spirit and a good football game.

If I had to pick something to improve for homecoming week, I guess it would be a campaign to promote homecoming itself! I don’t know if it seems so different this year because it is a Thursday game instead of a Saturday game but I think the awareness is just low. I think this game would mean more to me as an alumni than it does right now. Hopefully, I will find out in the coming years. For now, hail southern and Thursday night football games.